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Small Business Owners Are Facing A Digital Revolution
Businesses that don't learn how to advertise in the digital age will not survive
Topics Covered In Classes
  •  Getting Started: Learn the basics
  • Key Concepts: Understand how it all works
  • Using Digital to Enhance Traditional: Make them work together
  •  During The Transition: Tips to help you succeed right now
  •  Making Digital Work For You: Learn the tricks that work for you
  •  Driving Traffic: How to drive traffic using digital media
Survive the Transition
In 2018, the businesses that are using digital media effectivly will start pulling away from the pack. You can be one of those businesses. 

We are in the middle of a major shift that will affect all businesses in America. Everything in the world of traditional advertising is changing and if your business is not utilizing digital media effectively, then you simply will not survive.

The Survive the Transition coaching classes include over five hours of audio training, eBooks and other resources to help you not only survive but thrive during this digital revolution.
Get The Full Training For Only $49.95
Learn To Succeed With Digital Media
20 years ago businesses could advertise effectively with radio, TV, newspaper and using direct mail. In addition you had to have a listing in the phone book. Recently things have changed, and they will continue to at a much faster pace.

We no longer use phone books, newspapers are becoming obsolete and advertising on radio and TV is getting more expensive and less effective.  We are in the middle of a transition from advertising with traditional media and moving towards the dominance of digital media.

We are turning into a digital world and businesses have to use digital media to market and advertise. 

  In the Survive the Transition training classes you will learn how to use digital media and even how to use digital with traditional. 

For a limited time, if you order the Survive the Transition classes during this limited offer, you will have access to all classes we add in the future. 

Classes Included
Over 5 Hours Of Audio Classes
Understanding The Transition
• Introduction  

Getting Started
• Getting Started with YouTube
• Getting Started with your Facebook business page
• Getting Started with Videos
• Getting Started with Social Media
• Getting Started with Graphics
• Getting Started with Email
• Getting Started with your Website
• Getting Started with a Blog
• Getting Started with Facebook Ads
• Getting Started with ClickFunnels  

Key Concepts
• Number 1 Trick To Digital Media – Add Value
• Digital Security and Protecting Against Scammers
• Facebook Boosting vs Facebook Ads
• Pacing Yourself When Starting
• Being Consistent & Realistic
• Testing & Why It’s Important  

Using Digital To Enhance Traditional
• Introduction
• TV
• Radio
• Print Ads
• Outdoor Media
• Direct Mail  

During The Transition
• Unlearning Traditional Techniques
• When To Make The Transition
• Dealing With Traditional and Digital Sales Reps
• Different Ways To Buy Online Advertising
• Avoiding Shiny New Objects  

Making Digital Work For You
• Using Private Messages To Grow Your Business
• Writing Winning Headlines
• Win with Contesting
• What Do You Do If An Ad Isn’t Working?   

Driving Traffic
• YouTube & YouTube Ads
• Email & Email Newsletters
• Where To Send Traffic
• Driving Traffic With Your Blog
• Driving Traffic With Your Instagram
• Driving Traffic With Your Facebook
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